Site organization is hosted by the SmugMug photo-sharing service. I provide the images.

SmugMug provides an easy way for you to view the images and to purchase things like mouse pads or coffee cups imprinted with an image.

The SmugMug service makes the item and ships them directly to you.

The assignment of photos to galleries is of necessity a bit arbitrary.

For example, some of the "travel" images could just as well been put in the "people" gallery.

Please explore all the galleries to find the images that interest you.

Searching for Photos by Subject

In the Menu bar, click on SEARCH to find all my photos that share a common subject. All the photos have a number of associated "key" words that guide this search.


The SmugMug shopping cart is a secure site where you may use your credit card to complete the purchase.

Any information you enter – like street or e-mail addresses – is used only to complete your purchase and will not be used for mailing lists.

Using the shopping cart

After making your print selection(s), you may return to view more images; your print selection will remain in your “shopping cart.”

Additional print requests will also go into the cart.

At checkout, you will have options to change or cancel your requests.

Only after you complete the purchase process (giving credit card and address details) will the order be final.

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