How to get items using a particular photo

For any of my photos, the image can be made into cards or a few items like mugs. When viewing an image, notice the “Buy” item near the upper right of your screen. Click it and from the drop-down list, select "This photo" if you want to order a copy of that particular photo. The SmugMug print selection screen will appear and you may select the item. Also, each page has a button to click if you want to return to the gallery to look at other images.

But to get a print....

There are 2 options:

Signed prints framed at 11 x 14 or larger will only be made as a limited edition of no more than 25. Please contact me by email if you want a signed print of an image. Together we can work out the size and material (matted only or framed, glossy or matte paper, UV protective acyllic or glass cover, etc.) that will be best for the photo and your intended display situation. Typical prices will be $95 for a print suitable for a 11 x 14 frame up to $295 for 18 x 24. Shipping and framing charges will also apply.


A limited number of my photographs are available for purchase on my Fine Art America site:

Phil Coleman on Fine Art America

There you can select the image size, mat and framing. If there is a photograph that you see on my website that is not presently also on the Fine Art site, let me know and I can make it available.

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