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Navigation tips

In general, point your mouse at an image and click. From any page, you can click on a menu item to see the available categories (like “people” or “nature”) of images. Click on a category that interests you and you will then see thumbnail versions of the photos.

In a gallery, small thumbnail versions of the images appear on the left and a larger version of the selected thumbnail appears on the right. Click on a specific thumbnail of interest to see its full version.

Or click on the full version at the right to see the image full screen.

Note the “Home” button in the menu. Clicking it will take you back to the introductory page of

Slide Show

To easily scan through all the images in a gallery, click on the “slideshow” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

All the images in the gallery will be shown at full screen resolution, one after the other. Pressing the “Esc” key will end the slideshow.

Copyright Notice

All images shown are copyrighted. But, the copyright notice shown on the screen display of each large image will NOT appear on any prints that you order.

Sharing images with friends

If you wish to tell a friend about these images, you can click the Facebook Like, Google +1 or Twitter icon at the bottom of gallery pages. Or send them the "URL" address of this website,

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