Photography by Phil Coleman, 


As a photographer, I love to find beauty or surprises in the simple or ordinary. Or if not ordinary, to see something or someone in a new way.  I do not have a "cause" or issue. I am not out to change the world. But when I find that beautiful or amazing scene, I want to capture it for my viewers and give them a chance to sense the same wonder that I felt.

I like to think of a photograph as a visual poem. There should be a rhythm in the lines, shapes and tones of the image. The contrasts in a wonderful scene, its harmony and dissonance, make me feel like I have just read a beautiful line of poetry or heard a profound chord in a symphony.  Just as a song can get stuck in your head, I want to make photographs that linger in your mind.

Such scenes can be grand or not. They can be common things in nature, the world, or a person's face. But at their best, they make me say "wow, that is special." Then I will get my camera and produce an image that others can experience.

Your comments or questions are welcome.  You can use the ContactMe in the menu, or enter them on this site for a particular photograph.  Or send me an email at

--  Phil Coleman

Climbing to the Sky
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