We often read about the magic of Tuscany.  One Saturday in April it was my turn to experience it.  In our little rented Fiat 500, we headed southeast from Siena towards Asciano.  The sky was full of wonderous clouds, rain threatened, but the sun won out most of the time.  One green carpeted hill caught my attention and I stopped for a closer look.  As I began photographing, the wind brought an amazing sound - a cacophony of bells.  I realized that most of the sheep on the distant hillside wore a bell, each with a different timbre.  This was "modern music" at its best.  Of course, the photograph can't convey this - next time I may try to make a video.  In any case, the sight of this image always brings to mind that almost heavenly sound.

Music Makers - Sheep on a Tuscan Hill
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